In Iraq 2003 Corporal Martin Webster filmed fellow soldiers beating Iraqi youths during rioting in Al Amara. Two years later, a British newspaper obtained his footage. The story that ran led to outrage across the world. In March 2007 he approached three filmmakers. This is his film, telling his story as he seeks to make sense of his shame and anger. And over come PTSD cause be the conflict of war.

"Hands down winner of the Cornish Film Festival"
White Lies Magazine 2009 
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In 2006 video footage of British soldiers beating Iraqi civilians was leaked to the press. It quickly made headlines worldwide, causing public outrage. Soon after, the press named a man who had been arrested in relation to the footage – Cpl Martin Webster. 

In this first-hand account of life on the front line, Martin recalls the events leading up to the moment he shot the now infamous footage, his experiences after being vilified by the press and his struggles with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. 

“This is a harrowing and humbling tale of the journey from war to the battlefield of the mind”
Sam Kiley, author of Desperate Glory

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